Thermo-Vacuum formed PETG Trays, HIPS Trays, Tyvek Pouches, Custom CNC Machined fixtures and medical devices, catheter racks, sealing fixtures, simple and complex injection molded parts, over-molding of medical grade titanium or stainless steel such as surgical instruments, and more.


Dental implants, injection molded plastic parts, thermo-vacuum formed trays for packaging of dental devices, prototype and production of newly designed dental devices.


Custom surgical devices, thermo-vacuum formed trays for the surgery room kits regardless of the size and application, custom surgical devices packaging, surgical instrumentation prototypes and production.


Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Titanium parts with full material traceability and process certification. Special engineered plastic parts for the aerospace industry.


Custom parts for the Defense and Military Industries with tight tolerances, material and process certification.

Oil & Nuclear

Engineered plastic, Titanium, or other metal parts with complete traceability and certification for both segments.

Laser Photonic

Precision parts and materials for Laser and Optics using engineered plastics or metal parts.


Parts for the solar industry such as custom connectors using injection molding or thermos-vacuum molding process.


Hi-Tech parts using engineered plastics or metals for prototyping as well as full production.


Performance parts for the racing industries using state-of-the-art durable materials.

Replacement Parts

PMC can make parts to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer’s specifications based on drawings or samples.

Automotive and Hybrid

Using engineered plastics or metal, PMC can make any parts for the automotive industry including component for the hybrid or all electrical vehicles.


Custom parts for your equipment for any industry. Parts for the heavy-duty machinery using all various grades of steel.

Prototypes & 3D Printing

Prototypes based on drawings, sketches, or ideas. PMC can do it all and make a 3D model.


Various metal or plastic parts for the energy segment using state-of-the-art 5-Axis CNC machining.

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